When God personally extended his hand to me

I never forget my Identity card; but this one Monday morning. I forgot it in a cross bag that I had carried the previous evening when I went to a friend’s place. Her hostel security is tight. However, I was particularly not comfortable leaving my ID card with the guard on duty that day. He looked a bit shady to me. Thus, forgetting the very identity card the next morning after the evening scenario was very unfitting.

As fate would have it that same morning, the company security office woke up to be tighter than before; whoever did not have a valid identity card could not access the company premises. The security enforcer stood tall and smiled at me – he knew personally – and expressed his regrets for he was under instructions not to let people like me in. Which I respected; the only way out was to board a taxi back home and pick my card.  This also meant that I had to miss the daily morning meeting.

That particular morning I was lucky to have two free car rides at my disposal. But now I was about to spend twice on transport.  I had not only forgotten my identity card but also my colleague’s SD (camera) card which was more troublesome.

I told God, “this is unusual, moreover on a Monday morning. Whatever your plans, let your will be done.”

God’s plan it was indeed. A few minutes away from home, I realized that it I did not have the keys to the main house. I proceeded anyway, fully trusting that God had a reason for this drama.

I had a hint; it was about my prayer life. I know people who make earnest prayers. I have tried, sometimes I feel like I have prayed and believed to the best of my ability and yet reap no results. I had been asking God why he does not answer even when am sure He is listening.

Today was show time. I got home, opened the store, and started praying. Crazy right? You are supposed to be in a meeting, your colleague is waiting for her card to go to hit the field and you are busy praying for God to bring open the house? What a waste of time! I imagined someone telling me that. I remembered that the truth of the gospel is foolishness to this world. So I went on to pray.

I asked God why he never answers me. I told him about the bragging of some of the preachers in town. They say I just said this and there was my answer yet we are both children in the kingdom, believers! How much more do I have to believe until I receive? I reminded Him that even when he used Moses to perform some of the greatest, God helped him to believe by showing signs and wonders.

It took a while, at some point I just became silent but continued in prayer. Meanwhile I kept running back to check on the door to see if God had already opened it. I mentioned to him that I know I cannot do it on my own, but He had the power to do anything. If he wanted to send the two cards through air, I was ready to receive them. If he was going to make me go through the closed door, or wall, I was ready, if he wanted to open the door and let me in, I told him it was all up to him for he is able and I believe he can do anything. All I wanted was to get my cards and go back to work and only him could help me for he is my father.

It took a while, many times a thought told me how foolish it was to stand and wait for God to come open for me. I reassured myself that I was praying to a living God. I reminded God of His promises, gave Him examples of how I felt oppressed in prayer, and acknowledged his Almighty power, acknowledged my weak prayer life and reminded him how he promised for me to ask anything and I would receive I went on confessing his promises.

Then, I remembered that God passed through many ways. True, I had options he could use, but he had more. I saw a small rusty key on the floor. I picked it and tried it in the door. I would say, I could not believe it opened yet I expected the door to open whichever way God preferred. I rushed in, picked the cards and ran to work.

I told the incident to all the believers I knew of at work and other who cared to listen.

I kept the small key and tried it later in the door but it did not work. It is not that I doubted the Lord’s power, but I was testing and proving that it was indeed only God who reached his hand to me at my time of need.

I called, believed and he answered. Mathew 7:7

Jesus is Alive

Jesus is Alive

God is not dead!

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