Gyebale Mwami Yoweri Museveni

Thoughts of a Museveni generation child who has blossomed into an adult.

Evelyn Masaba

Gyebale Mwami Museveni, thank you for being our supreme leader (I think this is befitting since all the decisions in this country seem to be done by you) the country appreciates the good that has come with your presence in our lives since before my mother even knew I would exist in her life. You have been a constant in my life even if we have never met but because you rule a country I call home, a country that I will forever love without any hesitation.

Ssebo Kaguta, I was born in 1990 just to bring you up to speed; therefore I am what they might call a Museveni generation because the only President I have known all my life is you. I have gone through all the different versions of your regimes, with little adoring eyes in your earlier years I adored you; to me you were a…

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