Now that Pope Francis has left Uganda, I cannot help but reflect on the moments I caught both through my eye lenses and camera lens.

I was in Kajjansi on Entebbe road four hours before the Pope landed at Entebbe international airport. Here the security detail was visible. I learnt that hundreds of crime preventers had been deployed as security informants and as a first aid team in case of accidents.

Some these crime preventers are so young.

Other than crime preventers, there were also police trainees to assist with security matters.


Away from that, business was booming (of course). One of the guys I spoke to said he was happy with the Pope’s visit to Uganda because he was unemployed until Friday morning when we was called to sell stickers, flyers and T-Shirts among other things. And he did not have to hustle since FOMO saw people buying without a haggling ‘the Ugandan way’.

On my way from Kajjansi to Munyonyo, I found people gathering along Salama road getting ready to receive the Pope. This was three hours before the time he was said to arrive in Uganda.

In Munyonyo, creativity, business mindedness was visible.


And the grand welcome to Munyonyo in a spirit of Ugandaness

Refreshment, snacks and local food was also in good supply. In Munyonyo where, there was a tent with seats, and a variety of confectioneries to choose from. At least people did not go hungry.

I met a Muslim girl seeking financial assistance (and spiritual assistance I guess) to go to India for a heart operation. Too bad I was unable to find out whether she got the help she expected. Good thing there are phone numbers indicated on the placard. I hope to reach her. You can too.

To be continued.



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