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15 minutes of tension

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“I cannot marry you! I have a fiancé and the whole world knows my wedding is just 5 days from now.” Mutumba spoke desperately to the other person on the line.

It was Eve, his best friend’s daughter.

The line goes off. He smashes the phone on the adjacent wall.

Mutumba paces up and down thinking to himself.

How do I tell my best friend that I have been having an affair with his daughter?  Even worse, how do I tell Dora that I have a baby on the way? Eve is so young I cannot make her abort! What if she dies? Kakooza would never forgive me. He cannot forgive even now!

He sits and stands up in unrest.

“But he warned me! Kakooza really did warn me about my love for those pretty things. But why did she return from the States- that irresistibly gorgeous thing. She looks temptingly more mature than when she entered college a year back.

Mutumba is seen devising means to commit suicide. He gathers tins of pills from the fridge to make a cocktail of drugs. Just then, a knock interrupts him.

He jumps to open and it is Kakooza, his best friend looking visibly pissed.

“I am sorry I did not mean it Kakoo…”

He notices that his friend is unusually calm. He sits slowly at the edge of the couch waiting for the worst to come his way.

After deafening silence, Kakooza speaks softly.

“I am sorry man, I won’t be your best man at the wedding. I am taking Eve back to the States. I cannot stand seeing her here any longer.”

Mutumba wants to ask, “You mean I will live to see my wedding day?” But he decides against the foolish question. He is both confused and impatient for a curse to befall him.

“I cannot let her embarrass me like this; being impregnated by a boda-boda rider?” Kakooza adds.

Mutumba is visibly relieved and surprised. Kakooza receives phone call and he dashes out of the house immediately. “See you later man!”

Mutumba calls Dora immediately and promises never to cheat in their marriage. That was the longest time Mutumba ever lived. But it was just quarter of an hour.

Was Eve lying to Mutumba or her father?

Do you think Kakooza will recollect his mind and ask his best friend why he was apologizing and anxious at the time of his visit?


  1. Gloria Gisha · July 1, 2015

    Awesome creativity, I like the suspension en am so inquisitive to know Eve’s honesty

  2. Gloria Nyiramugisha · July 1, 2015

    Awesome creativity en unique wit, loving the suspension , curious to know Eve’s honesty..

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