I cannot believe I had pity on a rat!

Baby rat- courtesy photo

Baby rat- courtesy photo

There are some things I cannot tolerate in a house; rodents top the list. Then come bugs, cockroaches and all skin biting, blood sucking creepy-crawlies.

But just the other day, I was surprised at my reaction towards a little pink-skinned rodent in my room. On a fine afternoon, I was busying myself with some work. The corner of my eye caught a vague image of a fast-moving black creature. I was almost certain it was a rat. However, part of me reasoned that it was a hallucination. But I was certain my suspicions of a rodent were true. I got up, scouted around to trace the trail of this black bodied creature since I had only caught a glimpse but got none. I sat back and went back to my work though this time part of my conscience was watching for this dark creature.

Before long, the four-legged thing cropped from underneath the wardrobe. My first reaction was, ‘Oh, it looks adorable!’ Well it was a baby rat. With a small body, parts of which were still pinkish. I could almost read all its reactions.

Baby rat- courtesy photo

Baby rat- courtesy photo

It crept under the door and peered through the corridor. I could hear a few footsteps. As the giant footsteps -in its perspective-came nearer, I could see its body trembling with fear. Then it dashed and hid on a wall adjacent to the door. In a little leap it stood in its hind legs, rubbing its little face with the fore legs as it pondered the next move. I felt sorry for it. For a moment, I felt its pain; it wanted to go out but feared the giant humans. Then it crept back underneath the wardrobe.

At this moment, it hit me that a rat had just run back into the room. I wanted it out of the room but my wishes had just been bogged down. I though aloud;

Did I just have pity on a rodent? Small, and innocent as it may look, it will not be amusing when its hunger drives it to nibble my stuff. But well it was already gone.

I had just had pity on a rodent! Maybe I should blame it on the many animations I have watched.

I pray it does not feed and bulge from in here.

Gosh rodents!



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  2. IanKatusiime · August 14, 2015

    See? That’s why I never visited you at campus. I always had these suspicions…LOL. Clean writing otherwise.

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