Amelia Martha, the writer Amelia Martha, the writer

Synopsis: I tell a story of an opportunist whose life is rotated around using men, taking risks like asking for lifts (hitch hiking), but this time, she stumbles upon a wrong one.

The car made the loud squeak as it was forced to make a sudden sharp turn. Off it headed in the opposite direction. Its speed increased by every minute like it was determined for victory in a car race. Save for this, the destination was unknown; at least for the only passenger in the car. Suubi sat on tenterhooks in the co-driver’s seat. Her eyes darted from the people outside to the road and back to the driver. She watched shockingly as he stepped aggressively on the accelerator with his heavy legs. He wore such a smirk on his face. As if saying, “I have got you now, what will you do mouse?” A…

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