Kasiwukira was not famous in my world. However, I was deeply disturbed by the text I received at 09:43 on the morning of October 17th about his demise. (Am sure many other subscribers to the 8777 news got that.) I remember I was in a taxi travelling from Mukono to Kampala. The text read:

“BREAKING: City tycoon and music promoter Eria Ssebunya Bugembe a.k.a Kasiwukira has been knocked down by speeding car while jogging near his home at Kansanga in Kla.”

The late Eria Ssebunya

The late Eria Ssebunya

However hard I tried, my mind could not stop trying to draw visual images of how this so-called car accident happened. Perhaps his ears were stuffed with earphones and his mind distracted by music that he did not notice the fast-speeding car approach him. So he could have been the one in the way of the car. And if this was the case, was he trying to cross a road? this did not make much sense.

Perhaps, my mind went on, the person on the steering wheel cared more about reaching his destination in a specified time that he did not notice he was over speeding. He rammed into the unsuspecting music producer and drove off in panic. So if that was the case, was he alone in the car? If there was another person in the car, did they warn the driver that his speed could be life-ending? Let me assume that he/she did not take heed of the warning.                                                                                   Either way, Kasiwukira had been knocked dead. Did no one see the car?

I had a five-hour journey to take to western Uganda so I went on with my business. But the disturbing questions kept on dancing in my mind as I waited for news reports. The next two days, all the dailies showed details of the preparation and later burial but nothing about the hit-and-run driver. I read carefully to see anything or comment from police about any suspect, hints of the type of car or number plate but saw nothing. Why did it take this long? Or did the reporters simply choose to focus on the mourners?

The following week, on Monday (by this time social media was already flooded with gruesome pictures showing Kasiwukira’s body lying in a pool of blood and others of his body being loaded onto a police van) it was clear to me that he had bled to death.

I shared my thoughts with one of my cogent friend, Mukasa. His were even blunter; “this was no accident. I think it was planned,” he said. He went on to reason that it is no secret that the man used to jog near his home every morning. So the conspirators must have taken advantage of his secluded neighbourhood to execute their revenge or hatred. This made more sense. In fact, it rhymes with the testimony of one witness who begged for anonymity as published by the Daily Monitor. 

“Eyewitness account of kasiwukira’s death

I was accompanying my daughter to school at around 6.40 am. I saw Mr Kasiwukira coming from his residence. He was clad in red shorts and navy blue shirt. He was talking on phone. The car, a grey Pajero with tinted glasses, was parked a few metres away from the fence near the deceased’s residence. The double indicators were on. I had seen the same car a week before, parked at the same spot and again the double indicators were on.
As we walked with my girl, Kasiwukira had not started jogging. He was walking casually on the right hand side of the road while speaking on phone. The car started to move and it suddenly increased speed. The next we heard was a deafening bomb like bang. When I looked back to ascertain the source of the loud sound, I could see the man trying to desperately save his life. He tried to jump onto the bonnet of the car but fell to the tarmac ground with the head first. It was such a horror movie-like scene that my daughter almost collapsed. We could see blood oozing profusely from his head.
The driver of the car seemed to be determined to accomplish his or her mission. The car dragged him about 10 metres from the point of the knocking, which is near a miniature banana plantation. About five people who were standing ahead tried in vain to stop the car as it sped off from the scene. We all gathered around the late, wiping tears and holding our breath. We were helpless. He had died instantly. There was a 999 police patrol car coming from Kabalagala, we stopped it and told them of the unfortunate incident. That is when the corpse was carried to the car. Certainly what happened that morning, from the way I saw it with my naked eyes, could not have been an accident.

Eye witness’ identity held for security purposes” read more from–sister-in-law-held-over-Kasiwukira-s-death/-/688334/2524486/-/sf140wz/-/index.html 

Am simply waiting to see how far this goes. My sympathy goes to the family and friends of the late Eria SSebunya Bugembe. We all have a right to live. No one has the right to terminate another person’s life (unless of course if justified by the right laws).